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  • Clem Duranseaud

21 Fitness Intentions

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

21 fitness intentions for you to try

Intentions can be defined as actions/habits we aim for, we strive to achieve, and can be related to our mental and physical state.

When you set big goals, you know that you must create smaller, stepping stone goals to establish a clear process to reach the bigger goals.

I find that setting the right intentions is what makes the smaller goals achievable.

If my goal is to increase my squat by 50 pounds in 6 months, my smaller goals could be increasing my squat by 8.3 pounds each months. My intentions aren't going to be "I will get strong AF".

No, instead, I can set my intentions to be "consistent with my gym routine", "eat the right foods to help me recover quickly" or even "I will keep an open mind about training".

In this article, I want to give a list of intentions I find useful when trying to progress in your fitness.

21 Fitness intentions

You can add "I" or "I am" in front of each of the following:

- consistent with my training

- give my body time to recover

- lead by example

- patient

- spending at least 1 hour of the day to do the things I enjoy doing

- grocery shopping twice a week

- meal prepping each week

- following the 80/20 rule of nutrition (80% healthy foods, 20% fun foods)

- only drinking water

- limiting my alcohol consumption to once a week

- keep an open mind about training

- allow myself take days off training

- stay focused during training

- do not answer texts/calls during workouts

- go to bed early

- get 8 hours of sleep each night

- exercises 30 minutes daily

- show up on time at my fitness classes

- stretch daily

- meditate at least 5 minutes a day

- stay hydrated

You can pick 2-3 each month or every other week.

One thing that works well with intentions is to make them evolve. Build them up.

For example you can start by restricting your alcohol consumption to 2 days a week, then to 1 day a week and then to only drink water. This process may take you up to 6 weeks.

Want to put your intentions to use right away? Give this short workout a go!

This workout is divided into three parts. You can either do all of them, or break it over three days.



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