Meet clem

Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Clem is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor based in Vancouver. Clem has played sports from a young age, completed an Ironman Triathalon, runs classes at Yyoga, Turf and Lululemon, and maintains a healthy roster of fitness clients, both online and off. His passion for fitness has led him on a mission to help everyone enjoy life to the fullest by realizing their body’s full potential. Physical activity, nutrition, recovery and lifestyle all play an interconnected role in our lives. Clem's passion is to bring these elements together for his clients.


Physical Activity

Training hard is one thing, training to achieve your desired results. Using the appropriate exercises with the right programming is important. You will learn how to perform each exercises properly and will challenge you to reach new fitness levels.




What we eat has the power to alter our body composition but also the power to alter our mood. The best best diet is the one that allows you to reach your goals while staying happy with what you eat.




Everyone has a different lifestyle with it’s own unique advantages and limitations. You could be a stay at home parent with three kids or a busy executive traveling the world. Feeling good in your body will enhance your quality of life. Each of us has a different way of getting there, and it’s this path Clem loves helping you on.