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Dukan's Diet Review

The Dukan's diet emerged in the early 2000 and became known as an amazing weight loss diet. It is essentially a low carb diet, which has four phases: the attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization phase. Each phase serves a different purpose and different foods are aloud during them.

Attack phase:

This lasts between 1-7 days depending on your weight loss goal. You can only eat lean protein. Basically just meat, eggs and tofu. You usually experience rapid weight loss, do the less water retention. Carbs help to hold water in your body, so when you stop eating them, you will hold less water in your body.

In order to do this phase correctly, you need to abstain from drenching your protein in sauces. My personal tip: use quality dry condiments such as sea salt, freshly ground pepper, oregano and cinamon. With 0 calories, they will pack your plate with flabours.

Think of this phase as the kickstart to your diet plan.

Cruise phase:

This phase is where you reach your target goal weight in a more sustainable way. You alternate days in which you only protein with days you eat protein and veggies.

You stay in this phase until you reach your desired weight. This could be a matter of weeks or months depending on your goal.

Interestingly, you can choose how you alternate between the two days. The one most recommended is the alternating every day, but you can also choose to do it every other day, or even every 5 days.

You still not eating carbs during this phase and there are no cheat meals.

Consolidation phase:

It's goal is to prevent any metabolic rebound by slowly re-introducing certain foods in limited quantities such as grains, cheese, fruits and bread. You are also aloud 2 cheat meals per week. The trick with the cheat meals is to keep them meals, and not day long feasting occasions. Portion control plays an important role as well. Enjoy a delicious chocolate cheese cake is fantastic. Consuming four in a row isn't.

You also need to have one day a week that is only protein. Dukan recommends you make it every Thursday for no other reason that it's a day that needs to happen every week and why not Thursdays.

This phase lasts 4.5 days per pound of lost weight.

Stabilization phase:

This is the back to normal eating phase in which you can start eating whatever you want again. The one rule that remains is to keep the one day of protein only per week.

Additional notes:

You need to consume 1-3 table spoon of oat bran daily during the various stages.

You need to walk a minimum of 30 minutes per day.