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6 weeks workout plan

Updated: Jan 2

Clem fitness free six weeks workout plan

Hey everyone, starting today (Monday November 6th, but you can start whenever you want), we are going to start a 6-week workout program together on Youtube. This program is completely free and for all fitness levels.


Workout plan goal

The goal for the next 6 weeks is to finish the year strong and get to the holidays ready to have a good time with family and friends. The workouts will help you get fitter, stronger and move better.

Workout schedule

This program will be a combination of newly filmed workouts and workouts that we have previously done together. Most of these workouts require dumbbells.

Weekly schedule

You will the option of doing 5 workouts each week, with 2 rest days.

Mondays: Full body

Tuesdays: Upper body OR lower body

Wednesdays: Rest or mobility

Thursdays: Upper body OR lower body

Fridays: Abs

Saturdays: Full body

Sunday: Rest, explore, or mobility

Sunday is a fun day! Either relax, do a mobility routine, or go outside and explore.

Workout program progression

To make sure that our muscles will get stronger and more defined, it's important to make things tougher on them as time goes. We will be doing this in a variety of ways.

First, the total time spent working out will gradually increase during the weeks. The workouts tend to get longer and in the last two weeks, we have two challenging 45 minutes workouts in each week.

If you feel like the weights you are using are starting to feel easy during this 6 week program, you can use heavier dumbbells, OR, try to do more reps during the given time intervals. Just make sure to always focus on executing the exercises properly


Make sure to read these articles if you need a refresher on nutrition during the following 6 weeks.

WORKOUT program schedule

Some videos will be shorter than 15 minutes. Do them twice if that is too easy for you.

Week 1

Monday November 6

45 Min upper body strength workout -

Tuesday November 7

Dumbbell drop sets -

Wednesday November 8

Thursday November 9

12 Min chest workout

Friday November 10

Saturday November 11

Dumbbell full body

Sunday November 12

Rest, explore or mobility 10 Min stretch

Week 2

Monday November 13

45 min Lower body workout

Tuesday November 14

Chest and back dumbbell workout

Wednesday November 15

Rest or mobility 10 Min Mobility

Thursday November 16

20 Min Abs and Hiit -

Friday November 17

20 Min Upper body

Saturday November 18

Full body dumbbell workout

Sunday November 19

Rest, explore or mobility 10 Min hip mobility

Week 3

Monday November 20

30 Min HIIT hustle -

Tuesday November 21

20 Min upper body workout

Wednesday November 22

Thursday November 23

30 Min Back and biceps -

Friday November 24

Saturday November 25

Sunday November 26

Rest, explore or mobility Hips and back mobility

Week 4

Monday November 27

45 min strength and cardio with dumbbells -

Tuesday November 28

Upper body giant sets

Wednesday November 29

Rest or mobility 10 min upper body stretch

Thursday November 30

20 Min abs and obliques -

Friday December 1

Saturday December 2

45 Min full body strength + hiit

Sunday December 3

Rest, explore or mobility 20 min stretch

Week 5

Monday December 4

45 min glutes and hamstrings -

Tuesday December 5

Chest, triceps + abs

Wednesday December 6

Rest or mobility Morning stretch routine

Thursday December 7

Friday December 8

15 Min six pack workout

Saturday December 9

45 Min full body workout at home

Sunday December 10

Rest, explore or mobility Loosen up after a workout

Week 6

Monday December 11

1 Hour HIIT hustle -

Tuesday December 12

20 Min shoulder workout

Wednesday December 13

Rest or mobility 10 min stretch after a workout

Thursday December 14

Friday December 15

20 Min legs and abs

Saturday December 16

35 Min full body workout

Sunday December 17

Rest, explore or mobility 10 min mobility routine

Let me know if you have any questions either on youtube, facebook or instagram.

Happy training everyone!



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