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"I have been seeing Clem for Zoom training sessions for over a year now and he always finds a way to keep my workouts challenging and interesting, incorporating free weights, bands and my own body weight. Over that time, I have seen an improvement in the strength and look of my body, but I am pretty sure that no matter how much better I get, Clem will find a way to stay one step ahead with workouts tailored just for me." Karey S

Lifting Barbells

Choose your plan

Programming and accountability

$199 per month

For those who just want a plan 

- Private training app

- Individualized plan

- Weekly updates

- Video demos

- Form reviews

- Communication via text and email

- Accountability system

- Nutrition coaching

- Progress tracking

The full package

$599 per month

All your fitness needs,

taken care of

- Private training app

- Individualized plan

- Weekly updates

- Video demos

- Form reviews

- Communication via text and email

- Accountability system

- Nutrition coaching

- Progress tracking

- Grocery shopping and meal prepping ideas

- Recipes

- Weekly challenges

Train with me
Lifting Barbells


Step 1
Full assessment

In our initial call we will determine exactly what is your fitness foundation. Current fitness habits, eating habits, injuries, goals, upcoming travels or personal obligation, workout preferences, I want to hear about everything that will influence your new workout plan.

We will also do a movement assessment to uncover any muscle imbalances and get a good idea on how your body likes to move


Step 2
Program design

Now I'll get to work designing your plan according to our findings in the assessment. 

You and I will be in frequent conversation during the step to make sure your program is perfectly fit for you.

You will receive the program on the Trainerize app in which you will see everything related to nutrition and exercise

Step 3
On going training and coaching

Workouts change slightly week to week to insure small, consistent progress.

Each week we meet for 15-20 minutes on zoom to recap the achievements of the previous week and prep the following one.

Day to day questions are answered via text so you never have to guess about anything




Your one stop shop to crush your goals


What gets measured gets improved

You are able to track multiple things including your workouts, your nutrition, your steps, your habits, and I will be able to help you sort through all the data.

Synch your apple watch or MyFitnessPal to automate the entries.

Leave nothing to chance and learn how to use this data.

"My first experience with Clem was at Yyoga when he would put us through gruelling TRX and bootcamp style workouts. Through these workouts, I came to the realization that there was more to Clem than just fitness classes. That was when I started training with him one on one. He would put me through exercises where I had to push myself and I started to get stronger. Clem has an uncanny way of pushing you to your max without you realizing it. Chapeau to Clem." Dorothy Huang

Gym Equipments

free Resources

What should you eat before and after a workout

"After not working out regularly for a few years, I came to Clem to get back into a program.  I have been more than satisfied with the results.  Clem is attentive, encouraging and always keeps the workout fun - even the finishers!  His on demand workouts are also great and easy to follow and allow to keep on track of your fitness journey."
Joseph Ramirez

Lifting Kettlebells

Hey everyone, my name is Clem

Here's a little more about me:​

- I was born in France

- I like to play chess 

- I started out as a trainer in 2013

- I like to read science fiction novels

CLEM_002 (1).jpg

"If you’re looking to fulfill a lifelong goal, get that six pack you’ve always wanted, or just looking for expertise on how to live a healthy lifestyle — look no further. Clem’s personal training has been the best thing I’ve ever spent money on in my entire life. He is incredibly knowledgeable on how the body works and how to get it to work for you. No matter what your fitness level he will cater the most in depth and personal experience based on you, your body and your goals. Clem’s patient and empathetic approach when it comes to framing your mind for success has been invaluable. Not only does he deal with the body but has mind blowing tips and tricks to help you deal with any anxiety or frustration along the way. His main goal is to create a program that will allow you to stay consistent and reach your goals. This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences ever, thanks to Clem. So if you are looking for a personal trainer who is invested in your goals, committed to your success and the most knowledgeable in many avenues — Clem is your man!" Cassandra T

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