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Weekly reads

Some articles that I've read this past week that I though were interesting.,to%20be%20more%20salt%2Dsensitive.

Brushing up on salt and blood pressure. You only need 500mg a day for good body function. I know that some people recommend a lot more so I'll do a bit more reading on that

I'm taking this course in a couple weeks so it's nice to read up what's to come.

Great ideas in this one, some of you will for sure be experiencing some of them.

I've been fasting this week and broth was one of the things I could have. I've never done broth before and now love the idea of it. In the future, I plan on doing broth regularly and just eat the veggies and use the broth for cooking rice.

I've been trying to journal a bit more these days and this article was interesting on that topic.

Nerdy gym summary of the effects of drop sets, pyramid sets and normal sets on muscle performance. None of them stuck out.

As always, if you read an article you think I should check out, let me know :)


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