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Travel workout

Whenever people leave on holidays or for work trips, I always hear the same questions "What should I do for my workouts?". This post is going to show you a few fun ways to create workouts you can do anywhere, either in a hotel room, in a gym or on a beach.

First of all, working out during your holidays is optional. When you travel for leisure, you should focus on enjoying the trip as much as you can. If working out helps this, then yes, keep on reading. If you are traveling for work and want to get a good sweat on, keep reading as well. If working out while away doesn't spark joy however, stop reading and go enjoy your trip!

First of all, let's go over a few basic pointers.

What's your goal?

What is the goal of your fitness routine while away on vacation?

Are you trying to keep up with your fitness routine at home? Are you trying to increase your fitness? Are you trying to burn off all those extra calories you eat? Are you trying to put on muscle?

For me personally, my travel workouts are always geared towards movement. I need to move around, stretch my body out and get a LIGHT sweat going. I do not workout to get stronger or bigger while I travel. This would take too much time away from my trip.

I never worry about burning extra calories because my nutrition style while away is the same than at home: flexible enough to enjoy "cheat" foods and filled with veggies and protein to make my body feel good.

Second of all, what equipment do you have access to?

If you are away on a business trip, you most likely will have access to a hotel gym and your workouts will be pretty similar to regular gym workouts.

If you are exploring a new place for leisure, you may just have your body weight to exercise and that's perfectly ok.

The trick with travel workouts is to keep them short and full body. Get all your muscles moving, use lighter weights and short rest periods.

Hotel gym workout

Hotel gyms are usually smaller than regular gyms and offer less choice of equipment.

The easiest workout to do in that case is a full body dumbbell workout which could look like this:

A1: Chest press 3 x 12

A2: Renegade row 3 x 12

A3: Bicycle crunches 3 x 20

After A3 rest for 30 seconds before starting again

B1: Stiff leg dumbbell deadlift 3 x 8

B2: Alternating dumbbell lunges 3 x 10 per leg

B3: Mountain climber 3 x 20 per leg

After B3 rest for 30 seconds before starting again

C1: Dumbbell shoulder press 3 x 15

C2: Dumbbell curls 3 x 12

C3: Close grip push ups 3 x 8

After C3 rest for 30 seconds before starting again

*Exercises with the same letter before them are to be grouped in a super set. So do the A1 exercise then immediately do A2 and then A3. Take a break after A3 and repeat that 3 times in total.