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how to make your habits stick

Your daily habits and routines help create the success of your fitness journey. When you are starting a new habit, it can be tricky to keep it going long enough for it to stick on the long term. Thankfully, we can easily influence how new habits and routines can become part of our regular lives.

We influence them by modifying our daily environment to remind us they are there. The two main environments that you frequent every day are your home and your workplace. With the recent pandemic, you might be working from home, which actually makes it a little easier since there is only one environment. Let’s take a look at what you could do.

Organizing your home

The two main routines you should optimize in your home are nutrition and sleep. If you want to form a new habit easily, you have to make it easily accessible and very visible.


It's easy to forget to drink enough water throughout the day. I am guilty of this very often. Simply putting water bottles throughout your place is a very easy way to remind you to drink more often. One in the kitchen, one on the bedside table and one by your desk and you'll never forget to drink.

Another easy trick is to get a big water bottle, 3-4 litres, fill it up in the morning and drinking it before the day is over. Although if you're like me you might lose the bottle during the day...


How you arrange the food in your kitchen will play a big role on how often you actually eat those foods. The biggest issue I have is buying a ton of spinach, putting it in the lower drawer of my fridge, forgetting about it and letting it rot down there.

Now, I put the spinach in the top rack, which happens to be at eye level, and now it gets eaten more often. Moving the spinach from somewhere I didn’t see it to a place where it was easy for me to see made all the difference.

When it comes to unhealthy foods, I prefer to not have them in my house at all because I have the self control of a turtle. When I buy Nutella or ice cream, they rarely last more than a day in my house because I just can't help myself. So to avoid eating them I don't buy them often.

Cheat meals

The way we eat has a huge impact on our happiness, which is why I always make sure that I can eat all of the foods that I love, and you should to. My general rule for my cheat meals is to have them outside my place, like when I go on date night or go out with friends. The reason for that is that if I have the ingredients to make cheat meals in my kitchen, I will make those meals. all. the. time. I have zero self control when it comes to food so I make sure that all the food that is in my fridge or pantry is healthy(ish).

We want to make good habits easily accessible and visible. So the reverse is true for habits we are trying to limit.

Side note on self control

Self control is a short term solution. You can't have self control forever. Set up your environments so you don't have to use it.

Meal prep on auto pilot

The following trick is a habit I formed for meal prepping. After each grocery run, I immediately chop up the veggies. If I don’t chop the veggies right away, I won’t do it later because I won’t have time.

I started this habit by saying “When I walk through the door after grocery shopping, I put the veggies on the table, chop them up and store them in tupperwares”

Now, whenever I look in my fridge, there are pre cut veggies ready to go. If they aren’t pre chopped, the odds of me eating them decreases a lot.

While I chop up all the veggies I cook rice/quinoa at the same time. That way, after 20-30 minutes, I have all my veggies cut, and a huge reserve of rice that is ready to get heated up for my meals.


Sleep is another component of a happy and healthy life that most people neglect. We all know that we need around 8 hours of sleep each night but most of us don’t. Why?

We have busy lives I know, but most of us do have the time to sleep 8 hours. It’s a matter of priorities and distractions. We often let our distractions (