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A typical grocery list

Here is what I get each week the thought process for each ingredient.


- Steel cut oats and roll oats. I usually have oatmeal for breakfast so these are the two grains I get. I also make my own granola with the roll oats so I get a lot of them.

- Rice. This makes up the "carby" part of most of my meals. I sometimes get quinoa but most of the time its rice.


- Tomatoes for salads.

- Spinach for salads and smoothies

- Lettuce for salads.

- Bell pepper for roasted peppers

- Cucumbers. These usually sit in my fridge until they rot but I do make an effort to put them in my salad. I have been getting better at that.

- Brocoli for roasted brocoli.

- Carrots either for roasted carrots or making broth.

- Potatoes either for roasted potatoes or making broth.

- Leeks if I plan of making broth.


- Oranges

- Bananas

- Pineapple

- Berries

- Frozen berries

These 5 I get every single week from my smoothies or to have in the morning. I'll usually get more fruits in the summer when there is a more selection.


- Chicken breast

- Frozen cod

- Smoked salmon

- Sardines

I usually do eat red meat unless I am planing a dinner with my girlfriend or with friends.


- Feta for salads


- Oat milk

Meal prep

Most of my groceries shopping is done on the weekend or during a day of the week in which I have more free time. For e grocery shopping is half of it, I like to meal prep some stuff immediately when I get home. Here is what I always do right after a grocery haul.

- 4 cups of rice in the rice cooker: Gives me rice that's ready to go for the next couple days.

- Roast all the veggies I want to roast. Cut up the veggies in bite sizes, toss with olive oil and herbs and put in the oven at 400F for 20-40 min depending on the veggies

- Roast the bell pepper. Cut them in half and gut them then put them int he oven for 40 min at 300F or until the skins get brown. Peel the skins off after if you want.

- Cook all the chicken. 30 min at 425F. Add olive oil and herbs for flavour. Cooked chicken will stay good for a while but I usually eat it in the first few days and then switch to the frozen fish and sardines as the week progresses.

The only thing I cook/make every day are the salads which usually take me five minutes to make.

Making healthy meals is easier once you have a process set up. For me it's grocery shopping followed by meal prep on certain days of the week, for you it could be something else.

Bon appetit,


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