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12 Days of Christmas Workout

With Christmas fast approaching and me being gone for two weeks, I wanted to leave you with a little workout you can do anywhere, any time. The holiday season is a good time to kick back and relax (I sure will) but this workout can come in handy when you feel like sweating it out a little.

How it work

The workout has 12 rounds. You add an exercise each round. The first exercise is always 1 rep. The second exercise is always two reps and so on until the 12th exercise with 12 reps. You can get an idea of how this works by listening to the song "12 days of Christmas"

It might sound a little weird so let's look at the workout below:

Workout 1

1 20 seconds mountain climbers

2 Burpees

3 Decline Push Ups

4 Sit ups

5 Plank knees under per leg

6 Jump lunges per leg

7 Bench Dips

8 V Ups

9 Jump squats

10 Speed skaters

11 Bicycle crunch per side

12 Tuck jumps

First round: 20 seconds mountain climbers

Second round: 2 burpees + 20 seconds mountain climbers

Third round: 3 decline push ups + 2 burpees + 20 seconds mountain climbers

Fourth round: 4 sit ups + 3 decline push ups + 2 burpees + 20 seconds mountain climbers

Repeat adding one exercise each round.

The first 6 rounds will be fairly quick, maybe under 3 minutes, but then things get tough at round 7 and 8.

You can do this with any exercises you want. Here is another on you can try.

Workout 2

1 Run (pick a short distance, total run time should be less then 20 seconds)

2 Broad jumps

3 Diamond push ups

4 Jump lunges (4 per leg)

5 Bear crawl (move each hand and leg 5 times)

6 Jump squats

7 Break dancers

8 Leg raises

9 Plank to push ups

10 Star jumps

11 Burpee with a plank jack

12 Hand walk outs

If you want to make these workouts tougher, you can do the 12 rounds, and then do them backwards, starting from the 12 round and making your way back to round 1.