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Feel Energized Early With This Amazing Coffee

Want to feel energized right out of bed? Drinking a delicious and nutrient dense coffee helps me do this every morning when I wake up at 4:45am. Here are the tricks.


- Your favourite coffee

- 1 table spoon of grass fed butter. Butter can be a healthy fat when it comes from the right animals. Making sure the cows that produced it were fed with grass instead of grains will give you more quality.

It also adds a good taste to the coffee.

- 1 table spoon of MCT oil. This healthy fat gives you quick energy and is absorbed easily by your body.

Coffee ingredients

Why would you add those to your coffee?

Healthy fats provide two things you really need in the morning: energy and hunger suppression.

Because fats have a lot of calories, they provide your body with enough energy to power through the morning. Since the fats have all those calories, it signals your brain that you don't need to be hungry anymore because of all the calories you just ate.

The beauty of this drink is that since the MCT oils are more easily digestible than other fats, you will not feel bloated or get stomach pains like you would with other fats.

Cautious warning: your body needs to get use to digesting these fats so start with half of tablespoon at first.


The ingredients is only half of it. I have used butter and MCT before but never with the same results than with this new preparation.

1. Get a coffee machine you can program the night before. This will enable you to set your coffee to be brewed just before you wake up. Having it ready for you as soon as you step into the kitchen will help you save valuable minutes in bed.

2. Blend the coffee, butter and MCT in a smoothie mixer. I personally use the Magic Bullet mixer because it's size is perfect.

Mixing will the ingredients like this will do two things you will love:

A. Completely blend them together. I don't know if you ever tried mixing fats in coffee by stirring it, but the blend is never complete, and you end up drinking a layer of fat before your drink your coffee.

B. Give your coffee a smooth, creamy texture which is absolute bliss in the morning.

This prep will allow you to have a delicious, nutrient dense and energy packed coffee ready in 30 seconds and get you ready to be super productive in the morning, no matter the time!

Enjoy the morning guys!


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