Wednesday Workout

Workout length: 30 minutes

Workout type: Intense circuit

Equipment: Dumbbells and a treadmill

Before starting this workout, go through a whole body warm up. Nothing too crazy but make sure your body temperature is up and all major joints (hip, knee, ankle, shoulder and elbow) have been loosened up.

You've got two 8 minutes circuits and one cardio challenge.

Rules for the circuits

- try to get as many reps possible in each round. Slacking will not yield great results

- focus on form and speed but never compromise form

- work for 50 seconds and rest 10 seconds each round. This gives you 8 rounds of 1 minute


8 minutes

Round 1: Burpee

Round 2: Russian twist

Round 3: Burpee mountain climber (do 6 mountain climber in the bottom burpee position)

Round:4 Mountain climbers

Round 5: Burpee jump lunges (do 2 jump lunges after jumping up from the burpee)

Round 6: Jump lunges

Round 7: Burpee shoulder press

Round 8: Shadow boxing with light weights

8 minutes


Back lunges with curls

Renegade rows

Push up knee to elbow

Sit ups

Bicycle crunches

Plank hip twists

V sits

Cardio challenge

On the tread mill, pick a sustainable speed. You should feel like you can run at this speed for 30 seconds easily

Start your timer and run for 30 seconds

Rest for 30 seconds. While you are resting, increase the incline on the treadmill by 1 level.

Run for 30 seconds

Rest and increase the treadmill incline by another level

Keep going for 10 minutes, increase the incline every round and maintaining the same speed


Workout notes

Burpee shoulder press: Keep the dumbbells in your hands the whole time, bring them up and down with you as you do the burpee.

Push up knee to elbow: After completing a push up, bring your left knee to your left elbow. Do another push up and do the other side.

Cardio challenge: The first few rounds will feel pretty easy, but after round 5, I guarantee things will spice up a lot!

As always, make sure to stretch AT LEAST 10 minutes after the workout, targeting again the main joints!

Good luck,


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