Morning Ritual

Who loves waking up super early? During the summer time, I actually enjoy it. But during the winter, when I know it's below zero and raining outside, I can't say that early rising makes me skin my teeth.

If snoozing your alarm and procrastinating under the cover sounds like something you do regularly, this simple morning routine will help you. Trust me, after years of waking up at 5am, this is the only routine that has made me eager to get out of bed and jolted me awake.

It consist of a glass of lime water with salt, a bullet proof coffee and a shot of apple cider vinegar.

Salted lime water

Make sure you use big, colourful salt such as fleur de sel or Himalayan salt.

Benefits include:

- improved digestion

- help adrenal function, this makes your hormone mechanism better

- protect your liver

You can put a whole teaspoon of salt, the lime flavour will absorb a lot of the saltiness and I personally find this combo delicious to drink.

Bullet proof coffee

This just refers to mixing healthy fats in your coffee instead of cream or sugar. Coconut oil, MCT oil or grass fed butter all work. I personally like grass feb butter better.

You can also have your coffee black if you prefer it that way. Remember, no creamer or sweeteners aloud.

Apart from providing a much needed caffeine dose, coffee:

- is a strong antioxidant

- helps prevent type 2 diabetes

- protects your liver

- surpress hunger

Shot of apple cider vinegar

This one is what causes me to go from mildly awake to fantastically awake after maybe a five second period of intense sour face grimaces.

Apart from being extremely bitter, apple cider:

- is anti glycemic, it reduces the rate a which blood sugar is formed after eating carbs

- increases satiety, you can eat less and feel full.

- improves hyperlipidemia, it reduces harmful blood lipids


The apple cider vinegar shot can be a little tough to stomach but I find it a small sacrifice to pay for all the benefits it brings. The other two components are just very enjoyable and the whole arrangement will leave you feeling full, energized and ready to kick ass!


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