Wednesday Workout

I d'ont know if it was due to the fact that this was my first workout back from Costa Rica or if it was eating less than 50g of carbs that day, but this kick my ass! A nice little mix of AMRAP, a barbell complex and intervals on the rower. Check it out:


Barbell complex

4 rounds

10 shoulder press

10 front squats

10 back lunges (5 per side)

10 bent over rows

30 seconds break

Take 2 minutes break

AMRAP 8 min

4 one arm dumbbell snatch per side

2 turkish get ups per side

(keep the get ups controlled, don't rush them)

Take 2 minutes break

Interval on the rowing machine

10 rounds of

Row fast for 30 seconds

Rest for 15 seconds


Workout notes

Barbell complex

Try to complete all the exercises without taking a break.

Use the same weight for all the exercises. The shoulder press will feel very hard very fast, you can use your legs and do a little bit of a push press to help.

For the back lunges, keep the bar in the front squat position. If will make the transition smoother and also work your shoulders more.


These are two technical movements, focus more on quality vs quantity. Do not take any breaks.


Hand on for dear life. Try to maintain a constant speed throughout the rounds. The rower should show you your speed, so try to base yourself of that.

This should take you no longer than 30 minutes. If you find yourself going over that time, drop the weights of the barbell complex.

Because this is a shorter workout, you can add extra stretching at the end. You dont have to do anything fancy, just hold your stretches a little longer. Remember to stretch the 6 major lower body muscle groups:




Hip flexors



I usually start my stretch with a minute of the wall stretch: put your legs up against a wall and make sure your bum is against the wall as well. Perfect to get the blood flowing back to the heart after cardio!

Good luck,


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