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When traveling, my number one recommendation is to enjoy your trip! You do not need to be working out 24/7 and if you are in a new place, it's always better to go explore than to think about working out right?! Most of the time, you already are exercising enough by simply walking and hiking.

However, if you do have some time to spare or want to maintain your fitness, here are a few tips to stay on top of it.

1. Walk...everywhere

Walking offers you the best way to explore a new place, and experience it fully. Yes taking a cab may get you there quicker, but is that your main objective? This is best in big cities, where there's a lot to see!

2. Run to explore

Most big cities have running routes that you can use to see the cityscape unfold in front of your eyes. These routes usually offer uncommon views.

If you are in a rural part of the country, running can be one of the best ways to relax! I always go slower than usual and follow the randomness of the roads. Caution: some sense of direction is needed to find your way back.

3. Hill sprints

This one is quick and dirty. Find a steep hill, and sprint up it. Sprint for no more than 10 seconds and take at least 2 minutes between each sprint. Make sure to warm up properly for this.

4. Simple 20 minute workouts

Equipment: bringing a skip rope with you is extremely easy, cheap and gives you a full body workout wherever you go. It's the only fitness related thing I bring on my travels.

All of the workouts I do traveling are based around skipping and calisthenics.

Beginner workout

3 min skip rope

20 squats

6 push ups

20 mountain climbers

30 sec planks

Repeat 3-4 times

Advanced workout

3 min skip rope

50 double unders

10 burpees

5 pistol squats per leg

1 min of 2 push ups followed by 8 mountain climbers. After you've done 2 push ups, do 8 mountain climbers, then start again from the push ups.

Enjoy your trips!


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