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5 Things To Remember About Food

Everyone has different food preferences and eating habits, which is why telling you what to eat is counter productive. Instead follow this simple tricks and enjoy the foods you like to eat!

1. Staying hydrated should be your priority

Most people are dehydrated throughout the day. This has a bunch of nasty side effects that can easily be avoided by drinking water regularly. Easiest way to monitor this: unless your urine is clear, you are not drinking enough.

2. Portion control

There is such thing as too much healthy food. You can easily consume too much healthy stuff and pack on some weight. The best way to remember how much to eat is with the hand portions:


Veggies: A handfull

Graining Carbs: half a handfull

Protein: the size of your palm

Fats: the size of both your thumbs

Oils: a table spoon

Gents, just double this measurements

3. Meal prep

Meal prepping will help you tremendously with your nutrition. You don't have to prep every single meal for the next 2 weeks, but always having a healthy dish to go is helpful. A chicken salad is something that stays in the fridge pretty well FYI.

Pre cutting veggies and cooking meat is something that doesn't take too long and that will save you tons of time later in the week.

4. It's all about balance

Eat meals that bring in all major food groups: carbs, protein and fats, in the portions mentioned above. Eating balanced meals will insure three things:

A. you don't over eat carbs

B. your insulin and cortisol levels don't go crazy

C. You get enough protein

5. It doesn't matter when you ingest your calories

Unless you are a high level athlete in peak season, nutrient timing (when you eat) isn't that big of a deal. You can eat carbs whenever you want throughout the day, granted it's in adequate proportions. You don't need to eat exactly 30 minutes after your workouts to maximize protein synthesis.

Eating at night? Some say it'll make you gain weight faster, but that hasn't been properly proven. Some even encourage eating carbs at night because they release serotonin which can help you sleep better.

Eating at random crazy hours? doesn't matter as long as you follow point 4.

Enjoy the meals and keep it fun,


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