Free Workouts In Vancouver

You don’t always need a gym membership to get your sweat on. Vancouver offers load of options for you to get good quality, free workouts put on by knowledgeable trainers.

So if you need a little motivation booster, check out these places!

Fit in 30

Where: Located on 6th and Cambie, it is very easy to get to via public transport.

When: Saturday 12:30pm, Sunday 10am and Monday 12pm.

Fit in 30 specializes in high intensity workouts and has in my opinion the best trainers in Vancouver. You will not regret going to this class and bring a friend to show them how fun it is!

Check out this page for more info.

RYU on 4th

Where: 4th and Burrard

When: They put on free classes every day! Check out their facebook page for more details or the event page below.

RYU is a athletic apparel store, they are very engaged in the community, offering a wide range of classes from boot camps to yoga to kick boxing. The team is also super fun and friendly and it's always a pleasure to walk in one of their stores.

Check out this page for more details.


Don’t need a gym workout and just need some extra motivation to run? There are lots of running clubs in our city and some of them are free! You can expect to receive tons of encouragement and support and meet other runners with similar goals than yours.

The running room

One of the the most popular running gear store in Vancity, this is the most flexible option. They have many locations you can go to on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm and Sundays at 8:30 am.

These guys are the ones that pace the BMO marathon every year, they know what they're doing!

Check out this page for more info

Mountain equipment Co-op

With a couple locations in Vancouver, MEC also gives you many options to choose from. Check out this calendar and look for the “MEC run crew” events.

These are my top four options for free workouts and there are even more out there for your to find!

My biggest tip for these types of workout is to commit to at least 3. This will give you the chance to get to know some of the other regulars and get to try out the workouts/runs a bit.

Also bring your own water bottle!

Enjoy the free sweat!


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