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One Week Out, RYU Classes And Shoulder Pain

Gotta work on my smile xD

1 week out

Another week that brings me closer to the show! For those of you who don't know yet, I will be competing in the Vancouver Show Down. After running an Iron Man last year in Whistler which saw me loosing 30pds of gains, running a marathon with a limp the whole time and getting my time absolutely crushed by my dad a week after the race, I decided that this year I was going to compete in something else. Ideally something that involved muscle, and more importantly, that my old man has no interest in, just in case.

Lucky for me he doesn't seem keen on getting all oiled up and flexing, whereas that just sounds like a ball of fun for me. So on October 14th, I'll be flexing on stage, and we will see how that goes! I'll make sure to have some pics for you guys.

I think I've found something I really enjoy in this sport. The prepping has been fantastic, I really love how everything falls into order after months of preparation. My biggest concern was the dieting part which is thought to be hard, but to be honest, it's so healthy (I basically only eat salads and lean protein and healthy fats) that I've never felt so good before. I do get the urge to eat a cheat meal once in a while and it's easily avoided when I realize how good I feel on an on going basis.

The way that I've trained dramatically changed as well, having me focus a lot more on the quality of each rep versus the intensity of each rep. It's very easy for an 20 something guy like me to get caught up chasing PRs every single workout. I remember going to the gym and wrecking my back deadlifting heavy just because I wanted to beat last week's weight. Or hurting my shoulders doing incline flies with absurd amount of weights. Nowadays, I find that focusing on quality also yields regular PRs due to the fact that I can train for prolonged period of time because I keep my body injury free.


RYU Classes

Another great thing that happened this week is me being set up regularly at RYU to teach classes! These classes are FREE for everyone, I will be there every Sunday at 11:30 am to kick butts. There's a cool outdoor spot in front of the store or an amazing smaller studio right about the store. Either way, I really enjoy being there.

Group training brings me back to training rugby teams in my uni days and rediscovering the feeling is amazing. There's just something about torturing a group of people that just gets me every time.


Shoulder pain

Ok so last week I had a full body rash which went away, only to give way to new shoulder pain! What in the eff? Can't my body stay normal for a few days?

The verdict from my family doctor is a pinched supraspinatus tendon. Ok now that I know what it is I can actually go ahead and fix it. This muscle abducts the arm (brings the arm away from your body) and it's tendon can get inflamed when you have slumped me!

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A big training adjustment I will make after the show is strengthening my rhomboids and work on posture, to keep my shoulders in more of a neutral position instead of slumping forward.

There's another key point here that I would like you to take away: if something hurts, if you had a small accident and things fall out of place, please, please, PLEASE get it looked at ASAP by a doctor. A doctor will be able to make the initial diagnostic and then either advise you where to get rehab if you need any or if you need further assessment. <