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Morning Routine, Full Body Rash And Over Due Bills

Weekly wrap up everyone! I was able to survive this week, thank goodness. Here are the the main things that happened last week.


Morning Routine

There were a few mornings in which I only had to be at the gym at 6:30 am instead of my regular 6:00 am. I woke up at my usual time of 4:50am to see if I could be more productive…and I was! On top of not being rushed to work, I got to enjoy my breakfast, not burn my tongue on my coffee and read a good 30-40min!

I’m currently reading 2 books, I alternate one morning between the biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the “7 habits of effective people”. Reading about Arnie in the morning is really motivating and helps me go through my day 100% dedicated to what I have to do. Obviously he is more than a business figure for me since he shaped the world of body building which is also motivating to read about with my show coming up.

Reading about the 7 habits first thing in the morning is also great because it helps me focus on one thing I want to improve on that day. The author often asks to put habits into effect so on those days I can focus on practicing the habits I’m trying to form.

I also journal for 5 minutes, just writing down a to do list for the day. It quickly became overwhelming with all the crap that needs to be done and so I use to 80-20 rule every morning and ask myself: “What are the tasks that will take 20% of my time but yield 80% of the results?”. This has helped prioritize things immensely and I actually feel like I’m getting shit done.

All in all, I love this new routine, and I’m even considering waking up an extra 30 minutes early on the morning I start at 6:00 am to make it a habit. I have noticed a difference in productivity and work output on the days I got to read before work and will try to keep that going


Full Body Rash

Ok so I don’t know what happened, but last Saturday, I got a full body rash! Out of no where! It is now all gone but I was worried for a few days.

My biggest worry was about the potential change up in diet and supplementation I would have to try if the rash persisted, since the show is so close.

I went to see 2 doctors, a walk in one at first and then my family doc and they essentially said the same thing. It could of been from 3 different causes:

Heat rash: apparently that’s a thing. If your body doesn’t cool off properly it can get rashes. This is the theory I’m going with.

Viral rash: caused by a minor viral infection. Also plausible in this case.

New particle on body: usually from a new laundry detergent or soap but the roomie and I haven’t betrayed “Snuggles” detergent for the past 6 months.

The allergy reaction theory was declined under the fact that anti histamines didn’t really have any effects and that I’ve been eating the same things for months.

Both doctors reassured me I wasn’t going to die which is what I needed to hear anyways.


Over due bills

As if owning a place in a foreign country isn’t stressful enough, my property manager sent me 3 different emails about bills that still needed to be paid…I though her and I had cleared everything out a few weeks ago but apparently not. Yolo. I knew the first few months were going to be a little rough with this place, and by now everything is back in order.

You can check out the place right here:


2 weeks out!

The show is now less than two weeks away!!! For those interested in going it’ll be at the Massey Theatre in New West (Yea I know a lot of you that won’t suddenly will be busy that day after finding out the venue lol, it’s ok I still love you) on October 14th. Morning show at 9am and evening show at 6pm. Don’t ask me what the difference is, my plan is to figure it out as the day unfolds…I think morning is pre judging and evening is individual judging.

Contrarily to popular belief, I haven’t been feeling like crap the last few weeks leading to the show. My coach told me my body was ready 2 weeks ago and to be fully transparent with you guys I took that as an ok to eat more. The only reason I want to eat more is to train more and I have notice a little bit of lean gains the past few weeks. At this stage I’ll just zone in the next two weeks to arrive perfect for the show.


In home warm up for running

Last few times I went running I got excruciating pain up my calf and into the back of my knee. So yesterday I did a very simple warm up at home before the run to see if it changed anything.

All I did was 20 reps of standing heel calf raises and then 10 single leg calf raises on each side and I did that 5 times. By the end the calfs were all warmed up and lo and behold I ran pain free!

I did notice the pain arrive 2 hours after the run when I was walking around so the issue isn’t fully fixed yet but at least I know I can improve my situation!

For the standing calf raises all I do is start in a normal stance and then go up on my toes and then then go back down. That’s it, no added weight, no box required, I did it on the flat ground and it worked fine.

I think next run I’ll do more stretching and rolling on the calf after the run and see how that goes.


Weekly theme

This week’s theme on IG will be about fats and their role in the diet. I’m trying to write a post about the Ketogenic diet and I realized I need to do more research to form my opinion of it! Since the diet has a lot to do with fats, that’s what I’ll be studying.

That’s all for this week, I’m super pumped for the week ahead, there will be a few new things for me like teaching group classes and schedule changes at work. I’ll try to finish up at least one of the books I’m reading and I’ll let you know how it went in next Sunday’s post!



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