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3 Healthy Ways To Eat

I don't eat out often but when I do it's amazing


Eating healthy seems to be a daunting endeavour for many. It’s no secret that food dictates a lot in our fitness life, from the way we feel, to how we look to how well we can progress towards our goals. Your personal trainer says it, your friends says it, the internet says it: it’s all about your food.

So you go on and learn about how to eat healthy. You have the basics down, no refined sugars, lots of veggies, quality protein, moderate the alcohol bla bla bla nothing of this is news. What really is interesting is HOW we choose to eat, and I’m talking specifically on how to structure your meals throughout the day. I’ve heard it so many time! “Oh I know what to eat, it’s just that *insert whatever excuse you want for not eating healthy*”.

We all have lives with different obligations, schedules, restrictions and whatnot. All of our lifestyles are different. Which means that what may work for someone will not necessarily work for you!

In this post I’ll show you 3 ways to structure your meals. This is not going to be about what to eat, but how to plan your food intake according to the different situations you come in. You might eat differently when you're on holidays than when you're at home busy balancing a full time job, a social schedule and dare I say a training routine.

These different strategies can also come in handy when altering body composition. Apart from playing around with calories, you can also structure you meals differently for optimal muscle gain or weight loss.


Important note

One of the key points of healthy eating is to regulate your hormones. When you eat, the main hormones affected are insulin (lowers blood sugar) and glucagon (increases blood sugar). When we do not eat frequently it causes spikes in blood sugar which in the long run can yield health problems like diabetes.

We all sleep at least a few hours a night right, so we know that we all go through at least one big fluctuation a day. What is unhealthy is to go through numerous hormonal fluctuations a day! You will see that in all the strategies, there is always only one big fluctuation in hormones, meaning that you won’t leave many break in between your meals, which keeps the hormones stable.


The Rules That Must be Followed