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5 healthy food habits

Easy tips to eat healthy

Eating healthy is only a matter of habits, most of which are about organization. In this post I’ll dive into how you can ENJOY your food while reaching your goals, whether it’s losing weight or bulking up.


1.Set your healthy/not-so-healhty ratio

This simply refers to the amount of time you will be eating healthy vs the amount of times it wont be very healthy.

The rule of thumb is the classic 80/20. The ratio varies between individuals, goals, age and other parameters but as a rule of thumb, you never want to go below 70/30. Conversely, a ratio that's too high might not be sustainable. Unless you're a professional bodybuilder, model, actor, or other person that lives off their body image, I wouldn't recommend going over 90/10 ratio.

So how does that work exactly? Say you eat 5 meals a day, 7 days a week and are following the 80/20 rule. You are eating a total of 7 x 5 = 35 meals per week. 80% of that is 28, so you would have 28 delicious yet healthy meals and 7 not so healthy ones.

Does “not so healthy” mean you get to inhale a pint of ice cream, 2 pizzas and 43 oreos? Not quite. Keep in mind that according to that ratio, you can have a cheat meal once a day…that’s quite a lot. So keep your cheats small. You can indulge in a drink, a small sweet, a slice of pizza, just be moderate about it.

For those of us cutting, the 90/10 ratio is great, giving you 3-4 cheat meals per week.

You can always modify your ratio from one week to another if you see your current one isn't yielding the results wanted.

Also please note that whenever you have an alcoholic drink that meal turns in to a cheat.

2. Make your own food

The food that you make is always healthier than it's equivalent in a restaurant