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10 Weight Loss Tips

Healthy weight is easily achieved with meal prepping

Weight loss, it seems that whenever people hear these words things get crazy…Guys! Weight loss can be easy, I’ll show my favourite 10 tricks I use when I have to shred.

First and foremost, ask yourself, WHY do you need to lose the weight? Is it urgent, did your friend recently invite you to a boat cruise that they spontaneously won at their weekly bingo game?

Or is it less urgent, as in summer is in a few months and I need to part ways with the beautiful weight combo of thanksgiving-halloween-christmas-new-years-and-everything-in-between kinda thing? This will influence how aggressively you want to use this tips.

Weight loss, toning, shredding, leaning out, cutting, getting ripped, whatever you want to call it, is simply the result of eating less calories than you use up. Period. Unless you have medical conditions, that is it. There are no secret powder, weight loss supplements or magical routines out there. Eat less than you exercise. AND GIVE YOURSELF TIME! No it won’t happen over night or over a week either.

All it takes is discipline and patience. Some of the tips below will touch on ways to remain disciplined, mainly with food. I love eating, and trust me, when I need to cut back on 2000 calories per day from bulking to cutting, staying disciplined with nutrition is the hardest part. Hopefully some of these will help you like they helped me.

Ok so now that you've been prepped, here's my personal strategy for weight loss.

1. Patience is key

Peeps, it takes time, more than a few weeks, to see noticeable results. That means you will do all the hard work without seeing any results at first. Deal with. Accept it. Hate it if you want. Just keep doing what you're doing. If after a month you haven't dropped a pound, diplomatically ask yourself what is going on, figure it out (all the answers are on the web for free), and get going again.

Allow yourself at least 2 months to see considerable results. When I start my cut, this is what I tell myself : “Ok, next two months are gonna be challenging, it’s ok, I know I can do this. I won’t see too many changes at first and since I know this is normal I’m not gonna freak out” Air high five yourself and get going.

2. Eat more frequently

That is simply to control my portion sizes and feel more full throughout the day. Think about it: when you only eat once or twice a day, you get hungry right? And when it's time to chow, you demolish whatever is in front of you and ask for seconds. When you eat many times throughout the day, guaranteed that won't happen. The trick here is to eat balanced meals every time. Don't see it as 3 or 4 big meals and snacks in between. See it as 5-6 meals, that have healthy fats, protein, and complex carbs (but watch your portions! just a half a handful of complex carbs for the ladies and a whole handful for the gents ).

To learn more about healthy fats click here

To learn more about complex carbs click here

3. Intermittent fast (IF) twice a week

Say whaaaaaat? Bro you just told us to eat more frequently? I hear yea, just read on and you’ll understand.

I use intermittent fasting AND the more frequent meal tactic together! I eat less on my IF days since I have a smaller eating window but here’s the catch: because I end up eating less calories than my other days, I allow myself to be more…liberal…with my food choices. Remember I love food, and saying no to pizza or chocolate mousse for extended periods of time (more than 72 hours) gives me mild anxiety…So I found this combo to work best for me.

Yes you do get a bit hungry when you start doing it. Again, we got to accept it, it'll go away with practice, trust me.

Plus eating 7 times a day is tiring man! It's literally all I think about when I'm doing it. Intermittent fasting takes that away for that day. I get to enjoy mornings in which I don't 3-4 times. It's amazing. Try it.

Check out Martin Berkhan's blog for amazing information on the subject.

4. Eat your brocs/celery/cucumber (all the green stuff you hated as a kid)

Call me crazy for liking steamed broccolis but that's the truth. I can't get enough of them. Add MCT oils and pepper and it taste delicious. Goes perfectly with chicken, which gives you a very, very, lean meal. Maybe I just wrecked my taste buds by eating this too much.

Maybe you have a veggie you really like that's not broccoli? If that's the case, eat more of that one. The fact is that broccoli, celery and cucumbers (and more) are packed with nutrients, super low on calories and help me feel like I’m getting full.

Just check out these stats on cucumbers.

4. Fasted cardio

Oh yes, I can already hear your sigh of exasperation. This guy is a nut. Fasted cardio is too hard. It sucks. Only freaks do it.

Well, ACTUALLY, I genuinely prefer fasted cardio to regular cardio. Why? Since you typically do this in the morning, it provides you with the opportunity to start your day on an amazing note. And what happens if you eat breakfast before your run? Usually it results in a bloated feeling while doing cardio.

With the fasted cardio, all you take is some BCAAs with half a litre of water and you are good to go, hydrated and all.

Fasted cardio is also amazing to remove stubborn fat areas. I only get to see my lower abs if I either starve myself for 5 days and yell at pictures of doughnuts or add fasted cardio 1-2 times during the week. Since I just can’t get mad at doughnuts I just go for the cardio.

5. Eat more protein

Yaaaaaasss protein gains. Actually this is just to make sure I eat less carbs. There's about 130 calories in 100g of rice (carbs) and 230 calories in 100g of chicken (protein). Boom, just like that I can substitute 200g of rice for 100g of chicken and I have more protein, same amount of calories, and less carbs to store in my bod. Super.

Chicken is just an example of the many different protein sources out there. Find the ones you love most and start eating more of it.

6. Keep working out the same

This one may be tricky to understand. Yes you need adequate nutrition to work out at your maximum. BUT, do you need to work out at your maximum to lose weight. Nah, not really. Unless you are training for strength or speed, you don't need to always be at your best. You can actually put on muscle on a calorie deficit diet since they are higher in protein.

Important note: with a lower calorie diet, your performance at the gym WILL go down. Don't be chasing new records every week. Focus on engaging your muscles while staying safe.

7. Make people understand why you are doing it

Your environment is so important to your success. If people around you help you out by accommodating lean dishes when you come over and refrain from putting drinks in your hand, weight loss will come easy. At first it's a little weird saying things like "sorry Aunt Helda, I can't eat your delicious triple layered chocolate cake because I'm crushing my goals". It takes practice but you'll get the hang of it.

After a while, when you are showing to every one what you are capable of, they actually start helping you out because not only do they understand but because you inspire them and they want you to succeed. Aunt Helda will have a side of chicken and brocs for you.

8. Drink more water

This one is another one that helps me curb hunger. That's it. I get hungry I drink water. Simple trick that has helped me tons. Add lemon juice if you want to change it up a but. Also! thirst pain can can be mistaken for hunger pain, so sometimes all you really need is the agua.

9. Cauliflower rice

Rice has 130 calories per 100g, cauliflower has...25! Yo! It doesn't take a nuclear scientist to see what the benefits are here. Eat the exact same amount, and get 5 times less calories.

Throw the cauliflower in a blender, and then cook it in the pan with either olive oil or coconut oil. Simple, simple, simple.

Check out this amazingly simple recipe.

10. Meal prep…are you even surprised it’s in here?

Meal prepping is the art of preparing your meals in advance so they are ready for you when you get home. Do you know what is my first reaction when I come home and there’s no food ready? I hit up my pals at Panago or order sushi. It’s not exactly the best way to eat lean.

When I cut, I make huge amounts of salads that will keep in the fridge for 4 days max. Beyond that point the ingredients just because sour.

I also pre steam huge amounts of broccoli and green beans since those stay in the fridge for a while.

You can also eat healthy when you go out with friends and socialize!

I hope these tips helped you! To top things off, here are a few of my favourite weight loss meals:

Breakfast smoothie

-1/2 cup oatmeal (complex carb)

-1/2 frozen fruits, no banana (complex carb)

-1/2 cup egg whites (protein)

- 1 scoop whey powder (protein)

- 1 table spoon peanut butter (healthy fat also PB is life)

- You can also add pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, spinach or coconut ground depending on your preferences

Meal 1

  • 1 cup any type of veggies, I usually mix 2-3 like 1/3cup spinach, 1/3 cup broccoli and 1/3 bell peppers (complex carbs)

  • 1 chicken breast (protein)

  • 1 table spoon MCT oil (Healthy fat)

Meal 2

  • 1 serving size salmon (protein AND healthy fat)

  • Salad, a mix of 5 veggies (complex carbs)

Boom easy as! Feel free to email me for more info! I also put a lot more food ideas on my Instagram page clem_fitness_

Clem fitness Inc.

Clem fitness is a Personal Training service based out of Vancouver. Our area of expertise is muscle definition, meal planning, designing workout plans and teaching you how to live a fit and happy lifestyle.

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