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10 Weight Loss Tips

Healthy weight is easily achieved with meal prepping

Weight loss, it seems that whenever people hear these words things get crazy…Guys! Weight loss can be easy, I’ll show my favourite 10 tricks I use when I have to shred.

First and foremost, ask yourself, WHY do you need to lose the weight? Is it urgent, did your friend recently invite you to a boat cruise that they spontaneously won at their weekly bingo game?

Or is it less urgent, as in summer is in a few months and I need to part ways with the beautiful weight combo of thanksgiving-halloween-christmas-new-years-and-everything-in-between kinda thing? This will influence how aggressively you want to use this tips.

Weight loss, toning, shredding, leaning out, cutting, getting ripped, whatever you want to call it, is simply the result of eating less calories than you use up. Period. Unless you have medical conditions, that is it. There are no secret powder, weight loss supplements or magical routines out there. Eat less than you exercise. AND GIVE YOURSELF TIME! No it won’t happen over night or over a week either.

All it takes is discipline and patience. Some of the tips below will touch on ways to remain disciplined, mainly with food. I love eating, and trust me, when I need to cut back on 2000 calories per day from bulking to cutting, staying disciplined with nutrition is the hardest part. Hopefully some of these will help you like they helped me.

Ok so now that you've been prepped, here's my personal strategy for weight loss.

1. Patience is key

Peeps, it takes time, more than a few weeks, to see noticeable results. That means you will do all the hard work without seeing any results at first. Deal with. Accept it. Hate it if you want. Just keep doing what you're doing. If after a month you haven't dropped a pound, diplomatically ask yourself what is going on, figure it out (all the answers are on the web for free), and get going again.

Allow yourself at least 2 months to see considerable results. When I start my cut, this is what I tell myself : “Ok, next two months are gonna be challenging, it’s ok, I know I can do this. I won’t see too many changes at first and since I know this is normal I’m not gonna freak out” Air high five yourself and get going.

2. Eat more frequently

That is simply to control my portion sizes and feel more full throughout the day. Think about it: when you only eat once or twice a day, you get hungry right? And when it's time to chow, you demolish whatever is in front of you and ask for seconds. When you eat many times throughout the day, guaranteed that won't happen. The trick here is to eat balanced meals every time. Don't see it as 3 or 4 big meals and snacks in between. See it as 5-6 meals, that have healthy fats, protein, and complex carbs (but watch your portions! just a half a handful of complex carbs for the ladies and a whole handful for the gents ).

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