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Online training

Get leaner, stronger and feel amazing

Work with me

Private training 

$499 monthly

Group training 

$199 monthly

You and I will cover every single detail concerning your fitness goals and leave no stones unturned. You will have access to a personalized training app in which you will be able to input all the data we need to track. Synch MyFitnessPal and your apple watch if you use these two apps. I will be able to monitor your progress directly from there. 

Every two months, I take on a group of 15 people max. We meet together once a week for 30 minutes to go over a diffeernt  educational topic, set our weekly goals and go over any questions.


You will receive a workout plan that wil be tailored to your goals

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What others have to say

After not working out regularly for a few years, I came to Clem to get back into a program.  I have been more than satisfied with the results.  Clem is attentive, encouraging and always keeps the workout fun - even the finishers!  His on demand workouts are also great and easy to follow and allow to keep on track of your fitness journey.
Joseph Ramirez

"I have been seeing Clem for Zoom training sessions for over a year now and he always finds a way to keep my workouts challenging and interesting, incorporating free weights, bands and my own body weight. Over that time, I have seen an improvement in the strength and look of my body, but I am pretty sure that no matter how much better I get, Clem will find a way to stay one step ahead with workouts tailored just for me."
Karey S

My first experience with Clem was at Yyoga when he would put us through gruelling TRX and bootcamp style workouts. Through these workouts, I came to the realization that there was more to Clem than just fitness classes. That was when I started training with him one on one. He would put me through exercises where I had to push myself and I started to get stronger. Clem has an uncanny way of pushing you to your max without you realizing it. Chapeau to Clem.
Dorothy Huang

If you’re looking to fulfill a lifelong goal, get that six pack you’ve always wanted, or just looking for expertise on how to live a healthy lifestyle — look no further. Clem’s personal training has been the best thing I’ve ever spent money on in my entire life. He is incredibly knowledgeable on how the body works and how to get it to work for you. No matter what your fitness level he will cater the most in depth and personal experience based on you, your body and your goals. Clem’s patient and empathetic approach when it comes to framing your mind for success has been invaluable. Not only does he deal with the body but has mind blowing tips and tricks to help you deal with any anxiety or frustration along the way. His main goal is to create a program that will allow you to stay consistent and reach your goals. This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences ever, thanks to Clem. So if you are looking for a personal trainer who is invested in your goals, committed to your success and the most knowledgeable in many avenues — Clem is your man!
Cassandra T

Private and group training receive


Integrative fitness app in which you can track your goals, view your workouts, synch your apple watch and MyFitnessPal. You will have everything your need at the tip of your fingers


Detailed planned to reach your goals. We will identify what are your big goals, how we can break them down into smaller goals and set realistic time frames to achieve them


A detailed workout plan including video demonstrations, form checks, macrocyle and microcycle overview. Leave comments on your workouts to let me know how they went.


Custom nutrition coaching. I will help you develop nutrition habits that will suit you on the long term by A. Teaching you all my tricks when it comes to food and B. helping you staying accountable with your food choices

Postural assessment 

On our initial assessement you will go through a general posture assessment. This will identify any muscle imbalances that need to be corrected during next few months

Personalized training app

Video demonstrations, tracking tools, detailed workout layout will help you execute your workout plan seemlessly.

Personalized training program updated on a weekly basis

An effective workout plan evolves over time. The exercises stay relatively constant, the intensity and volume have to change to create an appropriate stimulus to your muscles. I will help you navigate through the various phases of the plan as you work on your work capacity, strength and technique.

Posture and Injury prevention

You plan will have a posture and injury prevention compenent that will be built into your main workout plan to ensure long term success.

Accountability system

We set weekly goals during our weekly check ins. At the end of the week I will be able to see whether or not these goals were met. If they were, great! If not, we will work out a different strategy for the following week to make sure you stay on track.


Video reviews

Exercise form is very important, and since I'm not in the gym with you to check it, you can send in as many exercise videos as necessary for us to work on your form. I don't expect you to get everything rght at first, so these videos will help us find the best exercie selection for you. Even though this feature is optional, I highly recommend you take advantage of it.

Weekly check in

Each week we will meet in a face to face call to go over a recap the previous week, set goals for the comming week, and go over anything that needs our attention that week.

Unlimited communication via text/email/dm whatever the kids are using these days

I want you to contact me as soon as you need to. Don't wait for the weekly check in to ask something you need an answer to right away.

Nutritional coaching 

We will create a sustainable plan for you.

Fitness education

I want you to be able to replicate what you learn with me in the future so you can keep reaching your goals, whatever they may be and whenever they come up. During our time together 


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