Challenge groups

Reaching your fitness goals can be challenging some times. Lack of support, lack of informations and lack of accountability are usually what stops us from achieving our goals.

This is why I created the challenge groups. This is for people who just need a little help to stay on track.

Throughout the two months that we are together, you will have all the support you need to reach your goals. We meet once a week over zoom to cover two things: 

A. Specific weekly topics ranging from goal setting, to nutrition to basic training.

B. Any individual questions about training. I will take the time to answer any questions in depth so that we leave no stones unturned.

You will have access to the trainerize app in which I will post workouts, challenges and more. You'll be part of a group chat in which we will be posting any updates on the plans, accountability messages and more. Any day to day questions will be answered the same day on that message board.

We will be doing live demos in the gym so you can see exactly how to perform certain exercises.


All meetings on zoom will be recorded and sent out to you so you never miss anything.

Group class.JPG

Weekly topics

Each week we meet for 30-45 minutes on zoom to discuss various topics. On top of going into deep dives about individual questions, we will be covering the following:

Week 1: Goal setting. How to set goals you can track and reach.

Week 2: Nutrition basics. Learning about basic macronutrient and micro nutrients and how they impact your nutrition habits

Week 3: Energy balance and how to manage it. Habits you can create to tip the balance in your favour.

Week 4: How to track, manage and adjust your fitness journey.

Week 5: The art of gymprovising and staying consistent.

Week 6: Core workshop, be prepared to sweat a little on this one.

Week 7: Different strategies to get stronger

Week 8: Recap + group workout.